IPL Quiz

The Sports Club of IIIT Kalyani organized a quiz competiton on IPL(Indian Premier League) in the lieu of the ongoing IPL tournament which is a very renowned event across the globe. The quiz event was an one hour affair involving about 21 participants who had 15 questions to answer with the winner being the one who correctly answered the most and quickly. The time limit for each question was 20 seconds. The quiz was held on quizizz platform.
The participants and spectators were first asked to join a meet link where general instructions were given to them by the host of quiz Raunak Sunil. A little while after that, the quiz started and participants had to keep a keen eye on questions as it wasn’t about just answering correctly but also about answering it the quickest. The leaderboard after each question was presented by the host on his screen via screen share on the meet. The leaderboard was frantically changing after each round and it was a riveting contest where each participant was looking to overtake and climb the ladder towards the top spot. At the end of 15 questions the leaderboard finally read Suryansh Omar as the leader.
The first, second and third position were secured by Suryansh Omar from 2nd year, Vishal Chauhan from 2nd year and Mislah Rahman from 2nd year respectively.
The people securing a top 3 finish recieved a cash reward for thier excellance in the event. Our Sports Club thanks all the participants for participating and making this event a success.

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