IIIT Kalyani Chess Grandmasters

The Sports Club of IIIT Kalyani organized a chess competiton “IIIT Kalyani Chess Grandmasters” which lasted from 25th September to 3rd of October involving about 42 participants who had to clear four rounds of matches to reach the semi-finals. The matches were played on the chess.com platform.
Among some seriously competitive games in the first two rounds 8 participants reached the quater-finals and then the masterminds of chess faced off each other in matches that got the spectators biting their nails (and scratching their heads sometimes).
Raunak Sunil, Vishal Chauhan of the 2024 batch, Aryan Rai of 2023 batch and Mohit Raj of 2024 batch came out victorious in the quater finals and proceeded to the semi-finals.
The semifinal match-ups were: Vishal vs Mohit and Aryan vs Raunak
Vishal chauhan proceeded to the finals hanging over a defeat to Mohit Raj and we had our first finalist.
Raunak and Aryan matched up for the second semi-final which at first play resulted in a draw after 45 minutes of action. The second and the deciding game was 10 minutes long so the contestants had to be sharp and fast with their moves. Aryan Rai handed a defeat to Raunak with just 5 mins into the game by a checkmate and proceeded to the final.
Now the losing parties of the semi-final had a chance to redeem themselves and they got in a match-up for the third place. Raunak swiftly won against Mohit Raj and secured the third position in the tournament.
The most anticipated finals were to be played but Aryan Rai had to forfiet for some personal reasons and thus Vishal Chauhan (’24) was crowned as the winner and thus proclaimed the title of IIIT Kalyani Chess Grandmaster. The people securing a top 3 finish recieved a cash reward for thier excellance throughout the tournament.

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