Envision organizes How to invest in your 20s.

Thursday, 29th April 2021.

A virtual event was organized on by the Envision E-Cell, IIIT Kalyani for the students that were eager to know about investing. For the event ‘How to invest in your 20s’, Vedant Bahel was invited as the speaker, Vedant is a freelance stock trader at Zerodha with an experience of more than one and a half years, a TEDx speaker and a Machine Learning Researcher at University of Pennsylvania.

The event commenced with a welcome note to the audience and a brief introduction of the speaker by Yashraj. Then Vedant began delivering his talk. A proper presentation was prepared by him. He also asked participation from the audience and the response of the audience’s response highlighted their enthusiasm. The speaker bounded everyone with his talk and the attendees were quite responsive too. The speaker covered topics like why one should invest, how to invest, where to invest into, investments vs trading and provided insights about much more. At last, the speaker answered the questions from the attendees and the session concluded with a thank you note by Yashraj to the speaker and to the attendees and the enthusiastic audience asked for more such talks to be organized in the future.

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  1. The link to recorded session is https://youtu.be/bPKaHPK_sLA . Please like the video and subscribe the channel.

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