Winter of Code

Winter of Code is a platform where technology enthusiasts come together and contribute to tools that solve real-life problems. DSC- IIIT Kalyani proudly announce its first ever open source hackathon, WoC – 2020.


The best way to experience understand our experiences is via the words of our own mentors and mentees!!

I had wonderful experience with this winter of code program and I have learnt lot of things , this is my first open source project so in this total journey I faced lot of difficultly but my teammates (anika, ayush) never let me give up, they always helped me whenever I was facing difficulty they helped me to learn new technologies, with help of them I completed this total journey, I have opened lots of pull request and issues too.....
Shiv Shankar Kumar
I learnt a lot about Development of REST APIs using different routes and improve my skill at Node Js and Express js and use of Mongodb to store data. I have also learnt a lot about how to use git in contribution of open-source projects. I also learnt about how branching is important in development of such project. I feel more comfortable with different commands of git. This give me great opportunity to work with different people in which I learnt about working with Team and its importance.
Vishwajeet Yadav
Krishi Kalyan
My name is Sonakshi Satpathy and I am a student of the project Moviemix and my mentor is Mohit Raj. It was a wonderful experience to work with WOC IIIT Kalyani and I learnt a lot in this process. I hope I can take part again in the future. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to learn and expand my boundaries. 
Sonakshi Satpathy
I have learned how to make end to end machine learning project andI think I can make many more with my experience there.Actually, completing this project gave me some confidence thatt I can make useful stuff from machine learning.
SHubham Kumar
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