Heyyy Love,

This is from the same you from Jan’22. A wired and messy boy sitting in his small room and planning ( expecting xD) something big. Well we both know where we stand in 2022, Expectations from this year are simple, on a prior note, it’s communication and clarity in thoughts. I know my ideas and solutions are always promising and many times they deliver but the main cause where the problem arrives is that I can’t convey them, talking about clarity, so I find myself sometimes lost in my own life kinda overthinking we can say. Also, a problem that stands currently is I love to do all things, I find everything interesting :smile_in_pain:, and I have a f ing belief in myself that I can do all but you I can’t. Next year I know I have to bound within some walls and I can’t do everything so just made it clear that if you can’t make your time on that say a proper NO (just like you started in your convos). So honey the matter is clear in Jan’23 you are going to cross your half of 3rd year (maybe in offline college 😥 ), don’t get in that rat race where you have to chase the same bate which is being chased by tons of others and you’re not good as Kohli in chasing. either do all the essentials which are going to be required for that rat race or work hard on something whichever you like and say a big no to this rat race. In last wishing a lot of luck (which was never in favor of me) hope you do something extraordinary in terms of finance because only we know our expenses grow at an exponential rate :).
with Lots of Love.
Suryansh Omar of Jan’22

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