The Tech Club of IIIT Kalyani Gymkhana organized a coding contest as CODE SHASTRA-1 main aim for organizing this contest is to bring more students in competitive programming and give them a friendly environment. This Coding contest takes place on 19th September 2021 starts from 3 pm onwards, duration of the coding contest was still 5 pm (2hr). The contest takes place on codeforces, one of the famous coding platforms. In the contest, there are 7 questions belonging to different concepts. Questions were decided to pick from the root level as there are a lot of beginners who want to be involved in competitive programming. As a result, a lot more students start their journey with competitive programming, which eventually makes it a successful event.


After 2hr finally we get top standings which can be viewed via (

Vishal Chauhan (batch 2024) got 1st rank, he solved 4 out of 7 questions with a penalty of 286,
After him Pallav Saxena (batch 2024) got 2nd rank, he also solved 4 out of 7 questions but a higher penalty (290), Harshit Sharma (batch 2023) got the 3rd rank, solved 2 out 7 questions with a penalty of 134. Overall its successful event and good competitiveness were seen among the participants.

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