Online KBC

Online KBC
24th Nov’ 21

It was an online quiz event organised by the film and media club of IIIT Kalyani, which had questions based only upon movies. The organisers planned to keep the event almost like the original one, so they planned to have the ‘fastest finger first’ round to select participants before each round of point-based questions. To avoid any discussion about questions being selected from the movie industry that the participant is not comfortable in, duos were formed to help each other in the respective movie industries question. The ‘fastest finger first’ round was conducted through online quiz platforms which provide a score based on the time taken by the participant. Once the top two from the ‘fastest finger first’ round were selected they were called on the hot seat by the host and then the point-based questions were asked with the help of “computer Ji” (a person was assigned to present questions and start the timer), and to make it look realistic, three lifelines were also offered to help the participants.
The three lifelines were –
1-) Audience poll -: a google form was provided to the audience then the results of it were displayed,
2-) Dual dip -: participants on the hot seat were permitted to select two options instead of one, and if the correct option was one of them they were awarded full points.
3-) Ask google for 45 secs -: the participants were allowed to do a google search after presenting their screen, this lifeline had a timer of 45 secs which was again managed by “computer Ji”.

To make it even more realistic background music was also provided for every instance like answering correctly, for timer, for winning 1 crore and many more instances.
The event saw great participation with many participants not being able to make it to the hot seat even until the end of the event’s assigned time of 3 hours. A total of 9 questions were there which started from 1,000 and went up to 1 crore points.
The event also witnessed the crorepatis as a duo was able to make it through and win 1 crore points, which also led us to the iconic dialogue by the host stating – “Kya kijiyega itni Dhan Rashi ka?”.
To decide the winners of this quiz event a leaderboard was also designed which had the factors like, time, lifelines used and the points won. The first prize was obviously won by the duo of Ravikant Tiwari and Srijanjeet Singh Sehra by winning 1 crore points and the second prize was given to the duo of Yashraj Singh and Tanishque Shukla for winning 50 lakh points and also not only winning but winning it quick enough to defeat other participants sitting on 50 lakh points.
(Full leaderboard is provided here:

The overall event was a success and it did succeed in its moto of entertaining all its viewers.

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