Dearest plastic from 2023,

I hope as you read this you’re still alive. I’m your past self, writing this to you, to remind you that you’ve been a really good girl throughout 2022. Pat yourself for every moment of weakness that you endured on for just a little longer, cheer yourself up for that one time they took away your carefree smile and extend a warm hug to yourself on this cold day today when nobody’s around to do it for you.

I might sound naive to the ‘evolved’ you after an entire year, but this is important. We have a todo list back at home and I know you will cringe real bad if I post it here. So I will keep it safe, and I hope you open up your 2018 diary to find the sheet of paper taped at the end. I will need the credits for the hardwork put in.

Well, I hope you are doing good. I mean I will make sure you do XD but I also hope you’ve stopped panicking over things that are not in your control. I hope you have calmed yourself down when needed over the year. I hope you did not let anger overpower you, and even if it did, there was at least one moment where you fought against it. And yes, I hope you continue to take stands for yourself and people around you whenever you can, like you’ve always been doing. I hope you grow aware of your emotional needs and I hope you value yourself, stop being co-dependent and start being a little more empathetic towards others.

I cannot see the future, but if something goes horribly wrong this year, know that like always, you take your time, you take an off, and you will stand up right back like you always have. Be vocal about how you feel and when in need of support (be kind to yourself too). The woods are lovely dark and deep, but it’s still a snowy winter evening and companionship won’t hurt no matter how many times you tread the same path. I will earn you lots of good karma this year, promise. Read this letter and go give yourself a subtle smile. You deserve the warmth.

Sending love to every person who’s been by your side, I know you value them as well. Just let them know once in a while. Sending love to you too. Keep making me and your dad proud.

Plastic from 2022.

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