Ok, so…. it was already a thrilling week full of extravagant performances by our outstanding atheletes. A wave of pride among the citizens, lit by the Olympic flame of new pages in the history.
In honor of the games, we were asked by Bhasker sir to conduct a quiz on Olympic Games to celebrate and recall everlasting incidents and facts about the games.

We prepared 25 exciting questions, which were selected after intensive discussion to make it a bit intimidating by adding illogical options along with the correct answer. xD
Facts and points were extensively surfed for 2 days, with a target of finding out the best of the untold facts.

Then, its the D-Day. All the interested participants are here, Bhasker sir too joined us. Quiz lasted for around an hour, with a pep talk in between. Some more information was shared for a couple of the questions.

Nimish sir was on fire since the beginning. Though, there was pretty good competition for him by Vishal and Shubham.
In the results, you’d see Abhinandan sir too, but we didnt consider him a valid participant cz he checked the quiz beforehand xD.

Bhasker sir’s daughter also played, gladly, she enjoyed. Ahh, in the end, all went pretty well.

Insights :
I too played, but i didnt win, despite of the fact I prepped a fraction of the quiz.
Courtesy : My humongously tiny, dumb, rusted brain. :))

Anyways, another blog done. Also to our surprise, it was pretty nice. People, who couldnt play the quiz asked for the questions later, wow.
Will be planning to conduct more events, in a pretty different manner. Till then….

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  1. yash_og yash_og says:

    Thoda mention hame bhi kar dete 🙂

    1. PallavF3E PallavF3E says:

      kaise mention krte, usrname pta nhi tha aapka

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