Du Coeur

We all got something being processed up there, may it be some scenarios we want to happen, some desires, or maybe visualization of how we would like out future to be… no matter what, that is about, those ideas, scenarios are always worth a hell of a narration.

“we as a readers somewhere in our heart aspire to be a writer too so…we need to titillate that” – Simon.

Simon, a man with many feathers in his cap, took a step to lighten the path with is not so vague and indeterministic. A way we could actually get all those thoughts and dreams into a narrative through a mould, which is extensively used in practice by writers, authors, poets, playwriters, etc.

A webinar on how to hone our creative writing skills, by the termination, somehow guided us to get our cloud data printed into hard, processed, edited form. A fire of narration was lighted, from which i personally got really fascinated by various methods and paradigms of story telling.

Through the course of session, timeline, narrative style, plot, character focus, linking, relevation, etc etc etc….were the topics which actually were very interesting to discuss and get our attention on.

We actually could relate some of these technicalities to whatever movies, series, novels, short stories or any other form of writings we have read or watched. An experience which at moments was like…’ohh, all these times i was telling my narratives this way’; ‘ahh, i could have described the situation well if i had done it this way’ or ‘lol, we all have been reciting narratives, either it be excuse reason for incomplete homework, or bad score in tests, or being late for something..’.

Honestly, started loosing interest, when publications and printing part began, ’cause, we being informal, moody, dynamic writers/visualizers. So that much information in such detail for a serious topic, somehow, couldn’t snatch our concentration anymore.

Though, overall, session was productive. At top of all, it was the first time i talked to a guest speaker, got an experience of how to convince and negotiate and exaggerate a few points to make it attractive xp. Anyways… ooof…. was nice. * sighs *

– No it was really.


-Yeah, it was.

-Can you brief me a little more?

-Shushh, shulda joined live. Anyways watch it here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hWSFe-4l34A
Ehhh, bear ugly me.
Enjoy. Cheers. Stay Safe.

– Aur next time jab event krwaunga toh aa zroor jaana xp


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