7E5 :: Dismember Post December

7E5 :: Dismember post December

The new year event conducted by

Pallav Saxena and Tathagata Roy,

(’24 batch) members of

UDAAN – The Literary Club of IIIT Kalyani.

Flagged off by Tathagata Roy with a warm welcome and wishes of New Year, followed by an introduction to the event. A little discussion of common experiences of the year blasted off, leaving behind a pool of surprising experiences and lessons of life.

Feeding the anxiety of the audience, the rules of the first game explained by Pallav Saxena, – ‘Skribbl’. Rather a customised version of the classic Skribbl game, with a touch of New Year themed words. This being the first event solely conducted by 1st year pupils, gave an important hands on experiences of technicalities. Due to some unknown reasons(probably network issues), the YouTube stream came to a halt.

Managing the problems, with a boost of cheers from the audience made the hosts carry on with the event solely on Discord server. Filled with enthusiasm again firing up the mood, the game resumed. Among the audience people were invited to the room created turn by turn, and the game was introduced as a thing brimming with fun to the people having first encounter with such online games. Continuing with the event, the second game – ‘Never Have I Ever’ came up adding some more juice to the growlers. A casual start intensified into some more revealing questions (binarily answered), gradually changing the perception of the audience. Prasant sir having multiple experiences, Tathagata hated by everyone for no reason and Akshita mam declared a liar in the game, some of the inference of the jam with a groundbreaking truth (maybe) that Nimish sir being declared an innocent. Yay, the second part came to an end, with people agreeing to conclude the event with some buffer content.

The buffer thingy came into play, keeping alive the interest and catering the impatience of the audience. ‘Cards Against Humanity’, usually a game played physically with a motive to fill up the blanks with as much offensive words/phrases as could be. Opening up, people’s comments finally boiled up to shatting on the college. Some people ended up placing meta-statements (Abhinandan sir). The crux motive of making this part offensive was satisfied to a great extent, and yay, gratfully no one got triggered.

Wrapping up the things and thanking the audience without actually having a ThankYou slide, the preparations and expectations were catered by such an amazing response and feedback from the attendees. The first event conducted by 1st year pupils was inferred as an excuse to play and interact to recluse people rigorously living a mundane life.*

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