IIC Game Jam 2021

IIC IIIT Kalyani organised a Game Jam in Feb-Mar 2021 for students of IIIT Kalyani. The main idea was to simulate a smaller scale of the Toycathon organised by the central government.

There are only two restrictions the IIC placed:

1. Themes have to be from the official Toycathon 2021 (please find themes at https://toycathon.mic.gov.in/problem-statement2.php). You can pick from those ideas and work towards them.

2. The final submission should be very simple. For example, a simple executable file for Windows. While we do not restrict the variety of platforms, we do request to consider that not all games can be tested (like not all of us have a VR headset to play a VR game).


Prize Pool worth INR 11,000/-

But I know nothing about games?

Don't worry. We did have training sessions for the same.