This is Ali Asad Quasim talking to and mayne laughing at himself. An year passed by and I started the new year by wishing Happy New Year 2021 perhaps the first mistake of this new year.

Travelling backwards and be one of the denizens of time I attempt to rodomontade about 2021(which was of course the last year xD). I heard that each year has two semester in college life including vacations and breaks(which we were made to forget) but yeah I was brought up by and even survived three semesters in a span of a year for which some nice new people in my life are bestowed a well-deserved applause.

With the addition of few people, also distanced from few people which perhaps became a need of time. I might sound sesquipedalian while writing these but this is nothing but a cwtch of time to me which I will always love to cherish. This year made me to get back to my singing which was stopped since long. I was rejuvenated by being involved in various activities, clubs and helping to organize events and stuffs. This kept me active and prevented my mind from becoming “devil’s den” colloquially.

As engraved in a sweet yet melancholic couplet “Subah hoti hai shaam hoti hai, umr yunhi tamaam hoti hai”, life went on and the journey which seemed long enough covered a considerable milestone.

The festivities, roasting, trolling, poems, shayari, songs everything fascinated me this year. I got introduced to flaws in my learning pattern and learnt that even the machine can learn themselves and in this less taken road went on to drive without proper directions. Hence, start to learning ML and DL began and being fascinated by tech continued.

Luck favoured way less than expected and fascination about things only drove me to accomplish stuffs. Then again, as Dinkar ji says, “Saubhaagya na sabb din sota hai, Dekhe aage kyaa hotaa hai”. With this attitude looking towards 2022.

This year I just want to accomplish what all I need to and make myself presentable in front of family, nation and of course the Almighty. This year I am at a very positive and perhaps the most energetic and comfortable stage of college life ie. the Sophomore. So, hoping to do great this year with commitments rooted deep inside the heart though not revealed to the world this is Dirilis(the title which I gave to myself this year) is committed to walk on the road less travelled to reach the divine culmination of compassion, humanity and content.

May peace be with all.

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