There’s a poet, a writer, speaker, a performer in all of us, the task is to bring it out. We all have something to tell, something to bring out, something to show. Sometimes it can be something we hardly believe. The orientation + open mic by Udaan was a sincere attempt to bring out such voices and give them a platform.


As not-so-hard-to-guess, the event started with the orientation part by Hamdaan. This was a short and crisp package, including a welcome note, brief description of Udaan and its objectives, and the first spark on the stage.


Chandani, our young (and quite accomplished) poet, did bring the required flow with her soothing poems, covering the basic human nature and behavior.


The extensively visualized, spectacularly descriptive story by Abhinandan, was certainly one among those grabbing the eyeballs.

An eye-opening prose by Akshita on men, the common stereotypes, and expectations in our society gave us a chance to introspect ourselves as individuals and a part of this society.

The simply brilliant and beautiful lines by Harsh and Apoorv, for which people waited late [ by choice 🙂 ] saw several rounds of applause by the audience because of the articulation of the vision and feelings of the poet.


These were a few among many other, equally amazing performances, each of which added a unique flavor to the stage, presented a different viewpoint on what they see, what they feel, and made it a hit.


This marked the best possible end of the orientation + open-mic from Udaan and a colorful beginning in offline mode. The purpose was served, we got to listen to creations with which each of us could actually relate to, and folks with amazing stuff, which they made with utter dedication got a platform and an audience they deserved.



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