Gandhi Jayanti 2021

2nd October 2021,

The event  commenced at around 8pm with a brief introduction about the importance of the occasion by professor Imon Mukherjee. It was attended by many B.Tech students of various batches of the institute as well as M.Tech students and some research scholars. Many professors also contributed in bringing life to the event as well.
Then our host, Yashraj started his detailed presented on the life of Mahatma Gandhi. He talked about his childhood, education and life in London. He also talked about his political life starting from South Africa to return to India, introduction of the new concept of “Satyagraha” and several milestone movements started by him and his unfortunate demise. Then he went ahead with a presentation on the life of another great leader, shri Lal Bahadur Shastri. He briefly explained about his childhood and education, followed by his political career. His great role as the 2nd Prime Minister of independent India and his role in the 1965 Indo-Pak war was discussed with his famous lines, “Jai Jawan Jai Kisan.”
The enlightening presentation was complemented by some kind words by some of our research scholars at the Institute, namely Koushik Deb and Sumanta Chakraborty. After an honest appreciation of Yash’s efforts, we moved to the competitive section of the event, namely a well crafted quiz organised by Raunak Sunil on life lives of the two great leaders born in India. The quiz was organised in a quite innovative and creative way with nice avatars and nicknames given to each participant. The quiz consisted of 20 MCQs with the leadership board was displayed in realtime after each question was attempted by all the 26 participants. 20 seconds was set for attempting each question. The top 3 positions in the leaderboard was continuously changing with everyone giving their best to climb up the leaderboard ladder with each question. The top position saw the names of Anmol and Aman Prabhakar in it.
The quiz ended with the names of Apurba, Anmol and Ravikant in the top 3 spots with the former leading the pack.
This was followed by a melodious and mesmerizing music performance by Anmol Srivastava on piano on the song “Bande me tha dum, Vande Mataram.” This was the soothing part of the event that took us to a whole another world for a moment. It got great appreciation by the students as well as the professors attending the event.
The event concluded at around 9pm by a word of appreciation by professor Imon Mukherjee and professor Pratik Chakraborty for the great efforts the students have put in to make this event a success in such a short time, while also maintaining the spirit of the occasion and the known vivid nature of the gymkhana in the event.

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