Program Outline | Game-a-thon IIIT Kalyani 2021

1. We have decided on the contents of the first two sessions (21st and 22nd). The sessions shall be recorded and premiered on Youtube. After the session, we shall have a non-recorded Google Meet for any doubt related to the meet.

2. We converged upon the format of final submission: a simple executable. You double click it on your Windows/Linux system and you can play the game. Other than that, there shall also be a mid-term evaluation on Sunday 21st March for judges to measure progress.

3. Judging criteria:

  • Relevance to theme
  • Originality
  • Gameplay (story, UI etc)
  •  Future scope
  •  WOW factor
  •  Problems faced and solutions reached.

4. The prize distribution is as follows:

  • 15000 INR for first, second, and third. As discussed, further breakdown shall be decided later when registrations come in.
  • 5000 INR as special prizes which are into two categories.
  •  2500 INR for best game by a complete first year team.
  • 2500 INR for best game by a complete second year team.
  • By complete, we mean all participants should be from one batch (first or second) to be eligible for the prize.

5. Certificate design shall be done and be sent soon for approval.

6. In order to engage the audience (students who haven’t participated even though we feel they should have), we have a proposal. We shall ask all teams to maintain a GitHub repo and shall ask the audience to star the repositories of games they deem fit. We count the number of stars and add this as 10% weightage to faculty’s scores. I hope our attempt shall make for an interesting weekend for all students wherein they will play several games, comment on them, and engage more.

            Final score = 10% audience + 90 % faculty scores.

Aryan Rai
IIC IIIT Kalyani-2021

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